Lumbee Oral Histories
Ashley and Poppy circa 1987

Ashley and Poppy circa 1987













It all started once upon a time when I asked my Poppy┬áif I could record him telling me one of his funny stories. Over the years, it has been my great honor and privilege to record oral histories of Lumbee elders. Here, you will find 10 histories, each told to me by a Lumbee elder who moved to Baltimore from North Carolina. Some were recorded for “Lumbee Legends” in 2005 and some for “Hard Workin’ Pilgrims: Lumbee Indians in Baltimore City Industry” in 2011.

John A. Walker

Rebecca Holmes Oxendine

Jeanette L. Walker

James A. Sampson Sr.

Frieda Colleen Sampson Minner

Howard Redell Hunt Sr.

Minnie Sampson Maynor

Linda Cox

Hal Hunt Sr.

Carl “Mr. Charlie” Locklear